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Crawford Lawllp Law Chambers(CLLP) is a premier corporate law firm in Canada with a proud record of delivering high-quality legal solutions. We provide a wide array of law and policy advice to businesses, NGOs, regulators, and governmental authorities. Equipped with high quality law and business education from the top of the league institutions and diverse experience, we work in close relationship with our clients to understand their businesses, which enables us to structure the best possible legal solutions addressing the peculiarities of each transaction.

Crawford Lawllp is a full-service law and consulting firm of Canada based at Lahore and Firm, which was established with a mission to bring excellence, customer centrality, and expeditious approach to the practice of business law. Our clients are quality-conscious organizations and businesses whose trust we have to protect their vital business interests. At Crawford Lawllp, we believe in developing relationships and endeavoring to provide the best possible legal advice and representation to serve the interests of our clients. We understand the business of our clients and craft creative and efficient solutions to complex legal and compliance issues within the legal frameworks.

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At Crawford Lawllp, we strive to make the legal profession a focal point for a positive change in the society by advocating Rule of Law and advancing professionalism in the legal fraternity.
Our partners have the right experience, talent and networking to stay ahead of the curve and communicate with our clients as and when needed. We keep an active liaison with the legal institutions and government authorities to keep ourselves & clients abreast of the administrative and legal developments. It enables us to advise our clients proactively to get the best out of those developments. We also actively contribute in drafting of new laws and improving existing ones in an effort to make the legal system more responsive to the needs of the businesses and society at large while seeking to ensure fair play and a level playing field. Our resources enable us to deliver cost/time effective services to our clients.