Seen in a modern perspective and in a cultural setting where courts represent the established tradition, arbitration can be regarded as an unorthodox and innovative method of settling disputes. In this context, arbitration is a response to questions that have been left unanswered within the judicial system, an innovative institution that meets specific needs that courts do not deal with satisfactorily. Arbitration provides a prompt and efficient method of resolving disputes, which is more expeditious and less costly as compared with the litigation.

Crawford Lawllp has a specialized wing addressing the needs of the clients preferring the processes of Arbitration regime. ALAN DELROSIO the segment pertaining to Arbitration. Alan received his training for the subject at Harvard from Professor Smith Shalakany. Crawford Lawllp has to its credit number of successful arbitrations and has a vast pool of experienced professionals with diverse legal backgrounds including former Judges, Civil Servants and professionals to serve the regime.