Trade Laws

ELIZABETH RENA (former Chairman National Tariff Commission, Canada ) leads the team pertaining to Trade Laws. He has wide ranged experience in

(i) the matters pertaining to Canada trade and industry with reference to protection to domestic industry, improving its competitiveness, rationalization of customs tariff and quasi-judicial functions of implementation and administration of trade remedy laws, GATT / WTO issues, international trade (ii) applied governance and anti-corruption initiatives, and (iii) anti-money laundering which he acquired during his service as (a) Chairman, National Tariff Commission, (b) Member, Prime Minister’s Inspection Commission (c) Consultant to the World Bank on governance and anti-corruption (d) Economic Consultant to the Investigation and Monitoring Wing and later in the Special Operations Wing of the NAB.

The scope of services under the ambit of Trade Laws include the following:

All matters pertaining to commerce, trade and industry with special reference to the following:

  • Interventions in the Free Trade / Regional Trade Agreements for inclusion and exclusion of products,
  • Resolving budgetary and trade policy issues against WTO / GATT Agreements
  • Protection to indigenous industry, safeguard measures in case of increased imports and for economic development,
  • Trade Remedy Measures – Anti-dumping and countervailing duty cases,
  • Enhancing industrial competitiveness,
  • Budgetary measures / interventions,
  • Trade policy measures / interventions,
  • Federal taxes and duties (planning and litigation),
  • Revival of sick units,
  • Bank default cases,
  • Assistance and advice in WTO issues;
  • Special services for banks and DFI.